Tuesday, October 13, 2009

corin hoggard day at the fair

ah, tuesday of the fair. it seems like it always rains on tuesday. maybe i'm wrong, but it does always rain one day of the fair, at least enough that many will stay away. i usually try and go that day.

but today, today was corin hoggard day. no one wants to sit at the channel 30 booth when it's raining out. well, almost no one. corin and shannon handy were there today despite the rain. and not only did corin get me in, he gave me this bad boy:

that's right, the new head shot. autographed just for me. okay, they do these for everyone, but this one was for me.. and while we were tehre, a kid named anakin was also getting an autograph. turns out he was also a mutton buster.

after chatting with corin, we moved along for a late lunch, consisting of far too much meat. i enjoyed a plate of ribs and part of a turkey leg. i think i could have eaten more of the turkey leg, but it was a little too salty.

during lunch the rain started to really pick up a bit, so we went finished eating and went into the buildings were they hock junk. there wasn't too much to see, but we looked none the less. the rain stopped and then it was off to the midway.

as to be expected, the midway was like a ghost town. the rain will do that. and, the rides of the midway weren't opening until 3. so, we bought some tickets, and waited for the rides.

you know how fun it is to ride the swings with only one other person on the ride? it's amazing. sure, the seats were a little wet, but the ride was a blast. after teh swings, there wasn't much else to do. i was full, i had enjoyed a ride, i had seen most of everything to see and we decided to go.

and then the sky broke open again and dumped rain on us the entire walk back to the car.

oh yeah, yes, corin, i do love you guys back.


m.wise said...

that sounds like a lot of fun. it also sounds like a date! ;)

Monticore said...

Do they let you swing longer when you are the only ones on?

edluv said...

it does sound like a date. and to be clear, it was brian and i on the swings. we both also ordered the same thing from the bbq place.

and it did seem like we were on the swings for a loong time. what a blast.

cofuzz said...

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