Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tower dogs

first of all, i'll admit that i have been to tower dogs three times in the last four days. yes, that is excessive. but i enjoyed it the first time, and several friends have wanted to try the spot out so i tagged along. i have had:
the tower boat - chili & cheese over fritos - i like the chili enough, although chili + beans might be good for a boat.
the chili dog - chili & cheese on a dog - however, i love this chili on the dog.
the kraut dog - saurkraut + dog - grilled kraut was awesome with mustard and the dog
the mexidog - chorizo + nacho cheese & jalepenos - pretty tasty, and i'll try this again
the caliente hot! hot! hot! dog - habenero sausages, grilled onions & red peppers + sour cream - umm, the habenero sausage was dang spicy. not unbelievably hot, but pretty spicy. grilled peppers and onions nice.

i have loved all these dogs. seriously. these are nice, high quality dogs. the service is quick, and it happens via a walk up counter.

seating is limited, and outdoors, so this may be a problem in hotter or colder months.

they're open 11 am - 10 pm M-Th, but here is the real kicker: friday's & saturdays, 11 am - 3 am! holy crap, bar crowd, you need to hit this spot.

the only real drawback may be that the dogs are a little pricey for some. the dogs pretty much run between $3-$4. but i'm down, they're dang good.

so far, the business traffic seems to be decent. i'm hoping it keeps up after the newness fades. and, i can't wait to try the last call dog. it's only available after 11 pm, and comes with a polish sausage, eggs, hash browns and nacho cheese. super yum.


Carrie said...

These look delicious to me, on both yours and Adam's posts. Maybe because I am used to SB inflated prices, but $4 for a dog with lots of fixings doesn't sound steep to me at all. And the after hours dog sounds unbelievable, and maybe like it should be a mention on this website. The best one I ever had was outside of Club LAX for a bach party in Hollywood, where a guy was roasting weenies on a cart outside for when we got kicked out at last call. So. Good.

Patrick Contreras said...

I'm surprised I hvaen't seen you there. I've been there around the same amont of times, even showing up at 10:30 in the morning cuz I was craving one..bad, i know.