Friday, September 18, 2009

rademacher bellyflop ep release show 9/18

what are you doing tonight? forget that bizness over @ cedar & shaw, you should be ovver at floradora and van ness.

audie's olympic is hosting a cd release show for fresno's indie vets rademacher. they'll be playing, along with others, but the real gem is a chance to pick up the new album.

here's the original flyer for the show, when it was supposed to be a double release party for rademacher and fay wrays.

sadly, fay wrays had some problems getting their cd all ready to distribute and had to postpone their release. but, i have heard that fay wrays will be having a cd release show on oct 22nd @ audie's olympic. you won't want to miss that, or the new cd, which i have a pre-release copy of. it's fan-effin-tastic.

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blake said...

Hope to see you there tonight!