Friday, September 25, 2009

metro by berlin

so, i've recently become a little obsessed with the song metro by berlin. i heard it at a local establishment and not only did it remind me of my enjoyment of synth pop from this era, but it also reminded me of some other things. but i also think the song in kick ass, and totally worthy of listening to. so do it.

at one time i had looked for the song on itunes, and it wasn't there. but it is now. so, you know what i purchased the other day? metro. it's also got me thinking about maybe checking out one of their greatest hits.

the song also brings back a bit of nostalgic memories to me. i didn't have this tape, but i remember listening to it on my first walkman at my aunt kat's. i think she might have lived in this little apartment in santa rosa at the time. she had the tape, and while we were there visiting i just remember listening to the song, rewinding, listening, rewinding and so on. good times.

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