Thursday, September 24, 2009


ah, the blog week is coming to an end as a lot of people don't check blogs as much on the weekend. for me, the blog week started well, but sorta took a backseat to a lot of other things.

this weekend looks to be a fun time, and there is a ton of stuff going on. shoot, i'm actually using my calendar to manage my time.

friday looks to be a pretty average friday of hanging out with friends, probably over @ the local. during the day i'll finish up my work week and maybe catch up on some dvr'd stuff.

saturday will kick off with the tower streetscape planning meeting. this is the third meeting, and the second i'll have been to, and i'm excited to see the next step in the plan. the drag of it: start time of saturday morning @ 11. that doesn't sound too bad, but i admit that some saturdays i don't drag my lazy rear out of bed until 12.

after the meeting, i'll come home, and adam and i will be sitting down to record a podcast with fresno blogfather, mike oz. i plan to do my best bubba impression and sing the mike osegueda song. so, if you have a question for mike oz, feel free to leave it in the comments.

post podcast adam and i have a rogue planning meeting. we're in charge of art venues for the next festival, and applications go live on october 1st.

after that, it's off to my bro's for a little housewarming party. should be nice, and i'm sure i'll see some folks that i haven't seen in a bit, as well as friends that i see around a lot.

sunday will bring another football and some other fun. the main part of the other fun will be at the tower district's octoberfest celebration

i'm pretty excited about this, and hope it's not too hot to walk around in. i also have a feeling that this will be a lot better than sudz in the city.


blake said...

you two are in charge of art? hot diggidy! That's so cool.
I remember it was all.

you guys: suggesting stuff

rogue: well....why don't you do it then.

and now you guys are all: hey, we're doing it.

Sometimes it's an ok world.

Adam said...

Yeah we'll see. I'm generally of the mindset that including me in anything, automatically lessens it. Don't let me near the Fuse Festival.