Tuesday, September 29, 2009

talking during a movie?

sometimes people just don't get the message. last night, adam, brian and i went to see inglorius basterds. we had kept meaning to go, and never got around to it or had other stuff get in the way. anyway, we finally went, and enjoyed the movie very much. most of it.

you see, since the movie has been out a while, the theater was rather empty. that's good. of course, people are going to come in, and we know that. since we were the first into the theater, we picked seats which we felt were the best. of course, people sat near us. that's not bad, in fact i assumed it would happen.

during the previews, the couple behind us was talking a bit. not too loudly, but it did slightly irk me that the guy pretty much had a comment for everything. i like my movie experience quiet. anyhow, the movie starts and the guy is still commenting every so often. adam had already given him the obvious look over the shoulder shush, but he was still talking. i gave a head turn and said, "sir!" still yapping though. and then brian had heard enough. he turned and asked the man to be quiet because he was ruining the movie. this seemed to work. for a bit. he had a few more comments, and then he and his lady friend were out. they left.

i thought it was possible that they might have been offended a bit by the movie, as they left after a pretty violent scene, but they could have also been annoyed brian told them to shut up (not in those words). if it was the latter, i don't care. well, really i don't care either way why they left. i'm just glad i didn't have to hear someone chat the whole damn time.


Adam said...

Who chats during a flippin' movie anyway? You just paid 11 bucks! Shut your yapper!

Are you that bad with your short term memory that you can't wait 2 hours to discuss the finer points of the film outside the theater?

Lulu said...

What exactly did Brian say??

Adam said...

"Can you please stop talking? You're ruining the movie for me."

Anonymous said...

if you wanna watch a movie in silence, wait til it comes out on video and watch it at home.
(Oh, and by the way, I love this next part, when the goblin comes out of the bathroom).

edluv said...

while i do prefer silence, i'll live with a little, occasional chatter. however, this dude was talking the whole time. really, a comment or two for every trailer, and then he couldn't figure out if some were trailers, and comments on the start of the movie, and a few scenes until our friend asked him, fairly politely i might add, to be quite.