Friday, September 11, 2009

backpacker cat

this is an awesome, cute video. enjoy.

neatorama translated some of the website this is video stems from.

1 euro each, 15 000km, 13 countries, 3 years running. Some are willing to kill people for a paper called money.

In a world of economic crisis where money becomes obsessive and when life is hard without money, this young couple from discovering the concept of money through meetings, poor, rich, middle class, everyone tells them how they live or survive.

Still believe in the phrase “money does not buy happiness, it is through their journey that no man will discover, learn, suffer and seek answers to their questions.

He will share the adventure at breast height with both cameras and their companion Kitty, a kitten appeared two months on the road in Louisiana. Sacred destiny for a cat!

More than a walk, a look at a changing society.

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