Saturday, September 19, 2009

u.s. pole dancing championships

i'll say this right from the start, i'm opposed to strip clubs. and, i've never been to one. i'm not saying this from a 'look at me, pat me on the back,' standpoint, but more from the standpoint of it seems creepy to me and i've got ways i'd rather spend my money.

however, it seems that some of the ladies working in the clubs are quite talented on the pole. get your mind out of the gutter dirty bird, i'm talking about how they are quite acrobatic. check this video, and don't worry, it's safe for work, and probably not offensive. hell, i don't know what offends you.

USPDF Highlights 2009 from Savanna Hudson on Vimeo.



Lulu said...

Wow, I am impressed. Those are some athletic and strong women and they make that look really easy.

james said...

That's insane. I really wish I could think beyond "She could hurt you" while watching that.
Is it wrong that I want to see a blooper reel? How many times do you fall learning those moves?