Tuesday, January 29, 2008

tower mardi gras 2008

wow, how time flies. this sunday is already the mardi gras parade in the tower district. the parade starts @ 1, rain or shine.

sunday is going to be packed. it's the super bowl as well. not quite sure what i'm doing for that, but it'll follow closely to the end of the parade.

and then, next tuesday is mardi gras! wow.

next thing you know it will be Xmas again.


Adam said...

I haven't talked with Brian yet, but I was thinking maybe a joint party at our places. We'd have lots of room and if there were those who would rather hang out there would be space available as well as wii and foosball and stuff. I don't know. Just spitballin'.

Adam said...

Who knows, he might not even been in town or already going somewhere else..

edluv said...

yeah. the last two i've watched @ tmc, and we might be doing it there again. which, isn't all that bad. projector big screen, sound through the system.

the chairs aren't as comfy as a couch, though.

Adam said...

Yeah, I've been to church shindigs and they just aren't as homey.

timidvenus said...

id have y'all over for the game, but then youd miss the parade.

edluv said...

i know what you mean, especially because you generally have a different mix of people than just your cloister of friends.

and, sometimes churches use things like super bowl as opportunity to be all, "hey, join our church." which, i don't think we've been like. similar to art hop. we're just doing what we want, connecting to peeps as we are.

and, as i said before, them chairs ain't as comfy as a couch.

i'm sure there may be other reasons as well.

The Lulu said...

Yeah at churches I dont feel like I can curse or say innaprpriate things, at least loudly, and I dont like to censor myself if I feel like yelling "what the fuck was that fucking shit!?" I want to be able to do that.
If Brian is up for it the joint party thing would be fun. Booze, couches, games, cursing...the makings of something great.
If we can get that oing let me know so i can bring some food.

timidvenus said...

woody and i are in for a joint party in the 'no

edluv said...

well, i think i'm going to watch it @ tmc. so, you can come, or not. if you come, you can curse, or not.