Monday, January 28, 2008

tokyo garden is safe!

one of my favorite places in fresno, tokyo garden, almost had to close its doors. you see, they were located next to a dilapidated, old building that was condemned, although a company was trying to lease or sell it. this last weekend fresno, as well as much of the west coast, experienced some pretty good, rain laden storms.

but, these storms brought trouble as the roof of the building next to tokyo garden started (or continued) to collapse. this made the building structurally unsound, and if it collapsed on its own it could have fallen the wrong way and smashed into tokyo garden. this could have been disastrous for one of my favorite places, as well as the fresno indie music scene.

but, have no fear. the city called in a judge, the building was deemed an immediate hazard, and on saturday morning the building was razed. the deconstruction didn't even cause tokyo to take down the bottles on the wall. phew.

(here's my source story from the bee.)


m.wise said...

the bee online had an article today on brian kenney fresno, a musical artist we saw at tokyo garden.

edluv said...

it's true. i read the article online. and, according to comments on the beehive, adam submitted a comment. but i didn't see that one.

Adam said...

Yeah, I don't know what happened; maybe stuck in moderation?