Thursday, January 31, 2008

super bowling

you're all invited to watch the super bowl with me over @ tower mosaic. projector big screen. professional quality sound system. maybe even a couch.

hey, if you want to yell obscenities, i won't stop you (i might encourage you to seek professional help for getting so upset @ a football game though). if you want to root for the giants, okay (i might tell you you're rooting for the wrong team though).

bring a little grub to nosh on if you want.


The Lulu said...

so the adam/brian party is a no go?

edluv said...

you'd have to talk to them about that.

but it's a no go for me.

The Lulu said...

And swearing isnt always about being upset, I just like to use colorful language:) I always feel that I have be on my best behavior when I am in a church out of respect to the people who go there but thats also not my typical behavior or personality.

I appreciate the offer however.

Adam said...

I'm gonna give Brian a call this afternoon and find out Kasey.

The Lulu said...


edluv said...

out of curiosity, when was the last time you were in a church building?

and frankly, i haven't really seen you all that restrained around the church people i know.

The Lulu said...

The last time I was in a Church was at one of the Art Hops and when I was in Europe I went to several.
But it isn't so much people who go to Church, it is a respect for their place of worship. I take individuals on a case by case basis. If I dont know you very well I will get a feel of how far I can go before I am offensive. Kendall, you, Heather, Mike are church people and I was restrained when I first met you as I would be with anyone. Now that i know you though, I feel comfortable being myself and I dont feel like I have to restrain myself. I have however been around other church people that would not be as accepting.

So the fact is that I would feel the need to be respectful to your church building as well as the people who I dont know there and therefore I would be a more demure version of myself.

edluv said...

i get all that. i was just trying to say that some of the church people you know might be there, and so you could be yourself.

but, i also want to press the thinking on buildings. tmc, in my opinion, doesn't have a "church" feel to it. mainly because we don't have a lot of the traditional trappings of a church. and, we probably use the space for non-"church" stuff as much as we do our weekly gatherings. we definitely have more people @ non-"church" events than at our church.

The Lulu said...

Yeah I absolutely agree Ed. No one I have met from Tower Mosaic has been churchy to me and it definitely has a far less churchy feel then any other church I have been to. I still know that it is a location that you worship in though and regardless of my beliefs I respect that and wouldnt want to be disrespectful of that.