Wednesday, January 30, 2008

lost + eli stone

i'm amped for tomorrow night. it'll be a busy one, a fun one, and hopefully an exciting one. what's going on?

well, first of all, lost returns. holy crap i've been anticipating this episode since the end of last season. the whole getting off the island, plus the mix in of current jack looking all crazy and drunk and suicidal. jeebus i'm wanting to see this. it comes on @ 8pm.

but, @ 8pm i've also got something else to do. jeopardy. that's right, i'll be doing the jeopardy online try-out @ 8. here's to hoping that it leads to an audition.

and @ 10, a new show premiers, eli stone. at first, i wasn't that interested in the show. but, as i've seen ads and learned more about the show, it's intriguing to me. and, sick boy is the main character. i figure it's worth at least an episode try.

shoot, new tv is good tv. hopefully. two drawbacks to the night: first, not too excited to have to try and concentrate on the jeopardy test while lost starts. wish i had a dvr. second, eli stone comes on @ 10, when we've been trying to watch dr. drew's celebrity rehab. need a dvr. i should get a dvr.


edluv said...

right now, there's an episode of lost on. it's the last one from last season, but it's got commentary @ the bottom of the screen.

Monticore said...

I for one will be watching Celebrity Rehab

The Lulu said...

Good luck on the tryout!

The Jay said...

Same here on the Lost. I'll be turning off my phone. ...I'll try to turn off Becky's phone too.

bstigs said...

I have to say we watched the last episode with future Jack and I'm interested I want to see how this will all go down.

probably not turn off my phone, but I'll probably misplace it like I always do anyways.