Thursday, January 31, 2008

"in a flash it was over" - story meme

mike started a story meme. he picked ten words, wrote a story using them, and tagged a few of us. so, here's my story. but first, the words:

1. pot 2. pan 3. spoon 4. fork 5. knife 6. glass 7. fire 8. water 9. light 10. sink

it was a dark, stormy night. water poured from the sky, but what we really needed was a real rain to come and wash the streets clean. as i strolled home, soaking it all in, a pan-handler accosted me for change. i let my hand sink into my pocket to see if had any. i brushed against my handy kershaw knife, and thought how i desperately wanted to plunge it into him.

"sorry, man, i don't have any. i barely have a pot to piss in."

"how about a light then?" he continued, pressing for anything he could leech.

i knew i was at a fork in the road. i could give him a light. or, i could see if his alcohol soaked body would catch fire. i decided on the latter. or was it the former. i always mix those two up. anyway, i lit him a cig and continued on.

i passed a window, and saw a reflection in the glass of someone following me.

when i woke up, i felt like someone had spooned a full serving of whoop ass onto my plate. i felt battered and bruised, but nothing was missing.

strange night. maybe someone felt i was some of the debris needing to be washed away. or maybe someone just didn't like the way i walked.

i tag kasey, malissa johnson, kelly brown, and rebecca harp.


Adam said...

I like it.

I think you and Sara did much better than me, but hey, I do it how I do it. I can't wait to read a few more.

m.wise said...

good job, ed. and i'm glad you didn't light his 'boy' on fire. i mean, what did his boy ever do to you.

The Lulu said...

Adam posted new words, but not Ed. Am I supposed to use the same words Ed, Adam and Sara used or what?

m.wise said...

if ed doesn't give you an answer, flip a coin. heads = same words. tails = coming up with new words.

edluv said...

well, realistically with a meme, you probably should be using the same words. but, adam started a different trend and picked his own.

to me, there is more continuity to use the same words. but, mike said to flip a coin.

Adam said...

I think the idea I took from the meme was more the idea of story-writing using constraints. But it can definitely be a meme to see how varied the stories from the same set of words can be. Either way.

m.wise said...

yeah, what they said. use the same words, kasey.

m.wise said...

who is kelly brown? i assume she is someone you converse with fairly often, so does that make her part of 'wid lund'?...or someone else

carly said...

wow. good stuff, ed.

timidvenus said...

i likey

edluv said...

kelly brown is lefty brown's wife. i picked her because: a)she's a writer; b) she's a blogger.