Tuesday, December 22, 2009

updates on soccer issues

let me throw out a few questions to those that are interested in a jaunt down to los angeles to see u.s. vs honduras:

1. if we went to that game, would you also want to go see u.s. vs mexico on feb 24 (if that game happens - it's not confirmed yet, & it's rumored for the rose bowl)?
2. would you risk seeing no game @ all if we didn't go to honduras game in an attempt to go to potential mexico game & it doesn't pan out?

so, answer those in comments.

just so you know, i've been in contact with american outlaws regarding possible other member in the fresno metropolitan area. trying to see if i can at least get an idea of how many there are, if not actual email addresses or something. so, you should sign up and help us get the ball rolling. snazzy t shirt, bandanna, info on upcoming matches, discounts on flights, parties at games, it's the shiznit.

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