Friday, December 11, 2009

ruben's barber shop

i used to have my hair cut by a friend that worked in a local salon. eventually, she moved to a different salon that wasn't convenient for me. i decided i wanted to connect with a local (tower) barber shop and start going there.

first on my list was covenant barber shop. they're across from audie's olympic, and seem to be sorta rockabilly, lots of tattoos type of guys. nice guys, and i had a decent haircut for $10. anyway, i went there a few times and then just got lazy, and the last two haircuts were my and my clippers.

today, i was in need of a clip, and figured i would give ruben's baber shop a chance. they are located across from b of a/livingstones/starline(s) on fern. my brother has been going there, and he has seemed happy with them. i walked in (not an appointment) but that wasn't an issue at all. there are four stations, and three of them had clients in chair on a friday afternoon. i was third in line, so i knew i'd be waiting a little bit. they had espn on, and the wait wasn't terrible.

once in the chair, the haircut went along quick enough, and ruben, the barber i had today, paid a lot of attention with the razors. actually, i was watching another barber work before i got my cut and it seems that all of the barbers are very skilled with the trimmers and pay a lot of attention to detail. ruben was also very skilled with the scissors (on top). finally, one of my favorite things about many people practicing old school barber skills is that they use hot shaving cream and a straight razor on your neck and around the ears. awesome feeling.

they offer signature cuts for $16, hot shaves w/towel for $20 and the basic cut, which i got, is $12. not too bad at all. and, i'm very happy with the cut and experience so i'll definitely go back there.

ruben's barber shop
-old fashioned luxury-
812 e. fern,
fresno, ca. 93728
tues-fri 9-6/sat 8-4

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