Thursday, December 10, 2009

creepy creeper

holy crap, this is super creepy. i remember seeing a story once on dateline or one of those shows about people that secretly live in your house (phrogging) and thought it was crazy. today, over @ boing boing i saw this video and wanted to share.

here's more info.

many of the commenters on the site are calling the vid a fake, and they seem to have some valid points. having said that, it's still a super creepy thought.

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Lulu said...

Ughh, that is sooo creepy. I still have a hard time believing that you wouldn't hear any of that though. If you had a huge house or apartment it makes more sense to me but I know I would hear anything that happened in my house withought a doubt. And how did she get in?? Whether or not it is fake, this actually happens so ewww.