Friday, December 04, 2009

evoultion of the hipster

as i was browsing teh internets yesterday i saw this picture and thought it was very funny. it's a take on the evolution of the hipster culture, for both males and females. click here to really see it in detail, to read all the funny quips, and enjoy. here's a small version.

what really sold me on it was the last male, who really reminded me of boney beezley of the argyle pimps (who are playing in visalia tonight, btw). i mean, the mustache alone gets that nod, but boney was telling me he wanted to wear more v-neck shirts the other day. i'm not making fun of boney at all, but it just made me chuckle.


Arthur said...

got this post
from another source
the same time your post came up. must be hipster day?

Adam said...

Man this cracks me up.

Word verification: catses

That's how Gollum would say it. "Naaaasty catses."

Boney said...

nailed me ...but that guys mustache sucks compared to mine. Mine can do 2 pull ups.

But I did just buy my first package of V-Necks I'm a year late! -boney

edluv said...

and that's why we love you boney.

come by some time and pick up that audio.