Thursday, December 17, 2009

jersey shore nickname generator

so, i've fallen for the despicable show that is mtv's jersey shore. the people are all terrible, i have nothing in common with them, and yet i find myself strangely drawn to their world. any way, i heard about a jersey shore nickname generator and had to find out my name. i enjoyed it so much that i entered the names of friends slated to join me in vegas for new years.

ed stewart = e train

edward stewart = bones

heather stewart = the tan-trum

heather wiens = the marissa tomei of the bronx

jacob anderson = the impact

becky anderson = sunny

brian mcnally = natural light

justin kliewer = tan jovi

richard woody = hard hat

sara woody = the position

click over and jersey shore yourself.


Lulu said...

The Paris Hilton of Trenton


I like Sara's name better;)

m.wise said...

mike wise = the deltoid
michael wise = the operation
mike wise charlie = the prince of paramus (a city in new jersey)

Justin said...

Yes, I can be Tan Jovi. I feel like I will need to grow my hair out, something long and feathery.

Carrie said...

The Hands Team.


edluv said...

hands team is definitely ew.d

Adam said...

I went with first and last and got The Impact but I wasn't impressed so I did the middle name too and got Danny Tan-ner which made me laugh so I'm taking the second one.

But when you pronounce it you have to say Danny Tan-ner.

timidvenus said...

I'm gonna marry my name.

-Brian said...

just typed in my first and last and was nicknames the sausage party. ha.

Monticore said...

When Ed first typed my name in he said I was a guy so I got Danny Tan-er too.

Oh and Justin if you were going to rock the Tan Jovi you would need to work on a your tan. Same goes for me rockin the name Tan turm