Tuesday, December 01, 2009

make divorce illegal in california

if you supported prop. 8 in the 2008 election because you felt it strengthened (hetero)marriage, you need to get in touch with john marcotte and sign his position.

because really, if that's why you were against homosexual marriages and you aren't for doing something that actually (legally) strengthens straight marriage, i would like to know what you're about.


blake said...

This dude made my breakfast ( I read the Bee with the morning meal.)
I'd been (actually, I'm probably too gun-shy) sitting outside the local SaveMart with a petition to make it a California law that a man can take his wife, if found not to be a virgin at marraige, to her dad's door and stone her to death as per some writings in Deuteronomy---chapt.23 v.20.---I mean are we going to respect the authority of the Bible or not?
[I'm still harboring 'pissed off-ness' about the goings on in my own church about their clinging to bits of Leviticus but not really knowing much about the rest of the Bible apparently).

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

In SC a married couple must be legally separated for a year before they can divorce. And even then both man and woman must provide a witness in court to state they haven't had "relations" during that year, as that would negate the separation. This was done to "strengthen marriage," however the law takes no consideration for abusive spouses or affairs.

And to respond to the comment above, our state actually still has a law that has been around forever, but never repealed, that gives permission for men to beat their husbands on the steps of the statehouse on Sunday mornings, as long as the instrument they use is not more thick than his thumb. (I hear this is where we get "the rule of thumb.")

Anyhow, I obviously don't endorse either law, but still find them each fascinating. Of course the latter doesn't have much bearing on people today as it isn't a common practice, but the former is irresponsible.

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Oops. I meant to say "for men to beat their wives."
But you probably figured that out, because men beating their husbands is a whole other issue.