Sunday, November 09, 2008

trail of two cities marathon

today was fresno's trail of two cities marathon. our friend kasey was running in it and so we wanted to get out on the course and cheer her on. she, along with thousands of others, snaked through fresno and clovis to end up at woodward park.

we wanted to see her around mile 19, and she gave us an approximate time that she'd be around there. unfortunately, we had to park around a mile away from the viewing area, and so as we walked we got lazy and decided to just hit the finish area.

it took us a bit to drive to woodward park, park and walk to near the finish line. we found a good spot to stand and waited for our friend to whiz on by. and not too long after, there she was. fortunately, while we were out there the weather was nice and sunny. there was a bit of wind that probably wasn't all that fun for the runners but it didn't bother us much.

all in all, it was cool seeing so many people out there running. and, it was cool to see our friend go by, cheer her on and talk to her after the race.

congrats kasey, and congrats to everyone that took part in the marathon. hopefully, next year's event will be bigger and better.


mell0w said...

funny how the two things i looked forward to the least (the marathon and tearing down the shed) among last weekend's activities ended up being the most fun. no offense, kasey, but you know i hate waking up early. it was cool to see you finish that race. i know you've done it before, but it's still a huge accomplishment.

Adam said...

Heh, and I was totally looking forward to the shed demo.

Lulu said...

Ed what a nice post, thank you! I dont think I could adequatley express how much it meant that you were all there. And especially because it was a Sunday morning! I dont like getting up early either:)

And next time you guys demo something I want to play too!

dave castro said...

E-Dog...I didn't see your mug out at the race. It was cool to be apart of the trail of two cities marathon. I'll be looking for you next year.