Friday, November 14, 2008

prehistoric crappy hour

dear creative fresno,
you lied about several things for your prehistoric happy hour.
1. you advertised $3. margaritas were $5, beer was $4.
2. you said 21 & over and yet there were a ton of kids.

seriously, this sucks.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention that the Museum looked strangely similar to the pre-28 million.

Travis Sheridan said...

Ed -
You given CF much love in the past; therefore, I respect your opinion when you say an event sucked. Sorry that your expectations were not met at the Met. It was great to see you out there.

Other than the prices being higher and the average age being lower, the event was a success. I was able to meet a lot of new people and reconnect with some old friends.

On the path of continuous improvement,
Travis Sheridan

Monticore said...

Dear Travis,
I don't want to crap on your event but I was so disappointed. I excepted drinks to have festive names like velsoraptor-tini. Also I expected a much broader selection of drinks (like some wine). All in all I wanted a much more up-scale and exclusive feel to event. However I know I am difficult to please but please keep up the good work.

edluv said...

i didn't check out the whole deal, but i thought it looked nice, the new entrance was good, and i love the park next to the met. from what i understood, a lot of the remodel had to do with the addition on the back, opening up another floor, and the easier ability to load stuff in and out.

i'm glad you thought it was a success. i thought the turn out was very good, but i just thought the creative fresno event could've been much better. i don't know how much control you all had over the event (set up, crowd control, drinks) so i really don't know who to complain to/about. i did think that it could've been a bit swankier w/more drink variety, and less kids.

Travis Sheridan said...

"Swankier" is a perfect way to describe it. It could've been swankier...

This was a good example of why CF needs to really protect its brand. We thought the event was 21+. We did know going into the final week that the donated drinks only consisted of beer and margaritas...One CF board member suggested the the name Met-asaurus Margarita...

Lesson learned...control the use of the CF brand. I want people to know that if it has our name on it it will be good.

Great feedback. Always willing to listen and apply.