Sunday, November 09, 2008

fresno street clean up

every year, the city of fresno offers a great program to homes where you can put out a bunch of junk in your street and they'll take it away. as apartment dwellers, we'd never gotten to take part in it. now, since we're homeowners we're taking part of it for the first time. when we got our house, there was a rickety old shed in the back that we wanted to take out, and since i knew this was coming up it became the plan. our trash day comes up this week, so a few friends came over to help knock out the shed.

here i am swing a sledgehammer. brian almost hit me later with that same sledge.

we took down one side, and then knocked the back wall in, which also started to bring down the roof

in this photo you can see that the roof is actually a metal garage door. i knew this, but what we discovered was that the whole shed was pretty much made up of garage doors. the top and back were whole doors, and the front and sides seemed to be part doors. crazy stuff.

here's the shed all knocked down and mostly cut up, and a lot hauled into the street. the front right is the roof/garage door waiting to get cut up. everything has got to be broken down into 4' sections, which wasn't too hard for the wood parts. unfortunately, we broke both of the metal cutting jigsaw blades so we didn't get the garage door done. it'll have to wait until i get a chance on tuesday.

here's the pile in the street after we were done. taking down the shed and breaking it mostly up only took us about 2 hours. now i've got to get some final clean up done out there, take out two junipers, and get it ready for the spanking new shed i'll put in.

and here's some bonus video of the crazy roaches that were dwelling in the old shed.


mell0w said...

i wish we had video of adam knocking down that wall and smiling victoriously as the adjoinng wall almost crushed him. good thing you're a fast runner, buddy.

hmac said...

No. NO to cockroaches.

Adam said...

I'm thinking less crushing and more cuts and bruises as I turned to catch it. I am lucky I run fast.

And now I know why you guys put me on cutting duty. Every time I picked one of those sheets up, the bugs would flee or try to run up my arm.