Saturday, November 01, 2008

halloween pictures

thought i'd post some photos of last nights fun in the tower district

the tower theater & maleficent

audrey hepburn & zena

the theater surrounded by guys too cool to play dress up

pappy sausage assaulter hanging out around the theater. mike wise touches meat.

scoopy's aunt girlfriend, hmac.

hope your halloween was fun.


HMAC said...

I was Scoopy's slutty girlfriend, but aunt sounds better, I suppose, since I'm old. :(

Very creative costume, BTW, Tower Theatre.

edluv said...

i will keep giving credit to my friend kasey who came up with the idea.

Adam said...

Happy Birthday dude!

HMAC said...

Ed, I want to use a picture of you as the Tower Theatre on the Beehive. Is it cool if I steal this one of you and Heather?

edluv said...

sure, or the one w/me & oz.

feel free to photoshop some lbs off me.

timidvenus said...

um, what was corin doing in that photo?

edluv said...

he may have been bending over a bit to show off his goods, and quite possibly getting his rear touched by a costumed person. maybe.