Saturday, November 08, 2008

fun friday

check out some things i saw around fresno on friday.

incest & abuse are available at a discount. which is nice, who wants to pay full price for incest or abuse?

the view looks good from the sky room downtown. it's sad that it's a little obscured by bars, but i guess safety first.

another, more blurry pic from the sky room.

and finally, another spot downtown where they've got the urinal next to the sink, without any sort of divider. so, yes, you can wash your hands right next to me while i urinate. gross.


The Fresnan said...

I was thinking the same thing in the Sky Room bathroom - what the hell were the contractors thinking?

edluv said...

we saw that down @ the smokehouse as well. silliness.

The Jay said...

You can wash your hands while you urinate. It's an incredible timesaver. Oh, and blame the architect, not the contractors. Architects never get any of the blame.

wv: nuticali. Nutty Cali, voting to restrict marriage.

Adam said...

I used the urinal. And I made the guy who was leaning on the counter text messaging move out of my way.