Monday, October 01, 2007

radiohead skips record industry

radiohead, who is currently not on a label, is going to try something different with the release of their next album on october 10th.

you get to choose how much you pay. from 0-?, you make the call. the album will only be available for the first few weeks by download and will be able to be played on all digital players.

this is pretty interesting to me. sales of music is allegedly slumping. but, people download, legally mind you, more and more music each day. yes, there still are people out there illegally downloading music. but i would venture that people still buy more music than they get for free.

radiohead knows you want their music, and are making it available to you. i'm not sure how much i'll pay. i really like radiohead. i wish i was in a band that people would compare to radiohead. but, the offer of something for free...may be too much to pass up initially. especially if i do this, "The band will also offer a special edition boxed set for 40 pounds ($82) which will be available later and will include two vinyl albums, a CD version of the new album and a second CD with additional new songs, artwork and photographs of the band." i know, $80 is a lot of $, but you're getting so much. and i like vinyl. so, if i order that, i'm cool getting the digital version for free initially.


The Jay said...

Radiohead : Music :: _____ : Print

A) The New Yorker
B) Mad Magazine
C) McSweeney's
D) Gulliver's Travels

dana said...

What happens if you get the download for free and are very disappointed? You obviously wouldn't buy the limited edition then. So would you try to find some way to go back and pay? Just a hypothetical.
I don't think that will happen. Radiohead never disappoint as far as I'm concerned.

edluv said...

these are good questions i hadn't thought about. but, i also agree on your assessment. hail to the thief took me a little time to get into, but i enjoy it a lot now. it's no kid a for me, but still good.

Adam said...

I'd probably just go with the $10 purchase and be happy with that. Considering some label won't be getting a cut, I would feel like that's a good price.