Wednesday, March 31, 2010

post art hop at tokyo garden

a few weeks back our beloved rademacher had a line up change. i heard it was happening, but didn't blog about it, although i think i did post about it on facebook.

radioactive cauliflower (of elio wolof fame) has joined the band on bass, and malcolm has switched back to guitar. eli's still on drums, which is a good thing.

anyway, rademacher has played a fresno show on a sunday night and i decided not to go. i wish i had because i heard it was a hella good show. i won't make that mistake this thursday. it's post-art hop at tokyo garden, and rademacher is on the bill featuring rademacher's new line up. also, trumpet solo, spider problem and it'll grow back are on set to play. it should be a rather good show.

i'll be there singing along. join me.

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Adam said...

I'll be there, lurking in the shadows and drinking a giant beer.