Tuesday, March 30, 2010

dj woody at resurrect

there's a guy in fresno that's been putting on shows every other monday night at audie's olympic. now, someone putting on shows isn't all that special, but he's doing a night of music that isn't really all that ordinary. and, he's actually drawing a decent little crowd. friend of the blog, woody, has spun at two of these weeks, and here's his set from the most recent show.

i'm super excited that these are being recorded and put up on the web. i really can't wait for the release of last week's set because i was there for a few minutes, but didn't stick around. hey, i was tired. but, monica pasillas, who did one of my tattoos (and several friends) spun a set of 90's hip hop that i heard was amazing.

so, congrats to professor stone for putting on the resurrect shows. they're super dope and i hope they keep growing.

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Adam said...

I listened to it last night while I was working on PQ stuff. Awesome stuff. I kept wanting to turn it up but I didn't want to bother the neighbors too much.