Thursday, March 11, 2010

iron bird cafe

so, i was hungry for some lunch today and sent out a tweet for suggestions for a downtown lunch. i received several good responses, but one stuck out to me - iron bird cafe. i hadn't been there yet, so i decided to give it a shop. i like coffee (i'm a little jittery from today's excessive coffee input), and i knew they had food. so off i went.

upon entering, i was impressed with the clean, modern look. there are couches, tables, chairs, and it all looks nice. i appreciate the art on the walls and even hope to maybe show here some time.

i perused the menu and decided on the chicken sandwich. it's got grilled chicken, tomatoes, mixed greens & cheddar with a pesto aioli spread on toasted sourdough. the sandwich came out in a decent amount of time, and i enjoyed it. i will say i'm still a little hungry. maybe some chips or something on the side would help it out.

the coffee was good, and i tried out both varieties. i think i'm going to hit up a cup of the decaf before i leave.

i love it that they've got free wifi. and, the staff is very friendly (much better than the coffee shop in my neighborhood).

i'll definitely go back in the future. their hours are great. who stays open downtown until 11:30 at night? iron bird does. awesome.

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