Tuesday, March 16, 2010

n c a eh?

it's pretty weird for me right now. this is the first year since probably around 1991 or so that i haven't filled out a bracket. and, i don't even have any desire. usually, i would've printed out a bracket as soon as they were out on sunday and have been deciding if i was going to do more than one. and, i know i would've had a little $ in a pool.

for some reason, it's not happening this year. i haven't even looked at a bracket, although i did halfway listen to a podcast that was talking about it. i'm sure i'll watch some games, but i won't be feverishly following it on my iphone while i'm away for track on friday.

so, as i thought about this today, i tried to figure out why i don't care this year. i mean, i really don't watch college basketball except for the tournament every year.

i'll be honest, i think it's soccer. yep, soccer. i'm busy thinking about the world cup, even though it's still like 85 days away. it's great following members of the usmnt abroad as well as watching the usmnt prepare for the cup through friendlies (even though stu holden got his leg broke - effin nederlander). i'm following the knockout rounds of the champions league (watched chelski take one on the chin today and get eliminated - and the game affirmed my belief that john terry is a piece of crap). the epl is in full swing and arsenal has worked their way back into the hunt for some silverware. i'm stoked. and, i'm even starting to think about the impending mls season, and hoping there is no lock out. will landon be in galaxy gear? how will our team do without beckham? or will becks rehab here in the u.s.?

soccer, you're my only friend. oh wait, that's abba zabba.

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