Thursday, March 04, 2010

naia indoor nationals day 1

it's thursday, and we're getting underway at the naia indoor nationals. today, fpu has a heptathelete going and a pentathelete going early (& all day). in the evening, our women's 1600 meter relay team takes it's first race, hopefully qualifying for the next round. i'll work with our multi-eventers today in shot put, and our shot putter & weight thrower will practice a bit today as well.

the trip has been fun, and we saw quite a bit of snow yesterday. today will bring a little slower driving, as i don't want to hit ice patches and crash.

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edluv said...

both of the multis had decent throws, although neither were personal bests. that's okay. my shot putter looked very good today in a light workout. she'll go off on saturday. my weight throw guy just got to relax today.