Thursday, March 18, 2010

french redo milgram's experiment

i was super excited to see this story today.

i know, i know, who gets excited about seeing a study about people shocking each other? i do. i do because i love milgram's study about compliance to authority and i'm interested to see how frequently it can be duplicated. not that i doubt it, but because every time that it's duplicated i can point out that duplication to those who doubt that they would do such a thing. really, i have students that will argue with me that they wouldn't shock someone just because they were told to do so. yes, they would.


The Jay said...

Becky did some research on this study for her Master's degree. Yeah, we saw it this morning and were totally excited about it too.

Adam said...

I remember reading about the original study in my sociology course in college and wondering if I would have the guts to defy authority in an instance of delivering torture to another human being. Scary what the human mind is capable