Friday, February 26, 2010

12 angry men and the fuego

this should be a pretty fun weekend. tonight, heather and i are going to take in 12 angry men. wow, that sounds terrible. i mean, we're going to see the play 12 angry men over at second space theater

i loved this movie and am excited to see how it is adapted as a live show. and, $16 isn't that bad of a ticket price. i think we'll probably go out to dinner before and make quite a night of it.

on saturday morning, i get to head up to turlock for a track meet. this could be interesting because they have a brand spanking new track facility. the bad thing is that i have to leave at 6:30 in the morning. ugh.

saturday evening i get to check out the fresno fuego vs the san jose earthquakes. i'm sure both teams will look a little sloppy, as they're both in their pre-season. hopefully it won't rain too hard on us.

and let me give a special thanks to fresno famous. i won the tickets for the fuego game on their website. it seems that no one enters their contests because i have quite knack for winning tickets off them.

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