Thursday, February 04, 2010

who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?

so, the title of this post refers to a classic episode of cheers, and here's the related clip.

now, i bring this up because last night at pub quiz i busted that line on a contestant. basically, a team challenged an answer. technically, their answer was correct, but it wasn't the answer we were looking for, much like cliff's answer in the clip above. so, in explaining why their answer wasn't right, i tossed that line at them. i don't think they recognized it. kids these day.

now, it's also funny because trebek shows up at the bar, accidentally (skip ahead to the 5 min. mark in the video below) and explains to cliff why it didn't work out for him.

btw, we had 105 people at pub quiz last night, and it didn't seem like it was just a swell of people due to the high jackpot. i think many of those people will be back next week but we'll see. the jackpot was won by a team that had been there all four weeks, and the winning team featured a member that has repeatedly tried out for jeopardy and has made it to the stage test level. here's to fran actually making it on jeopardy and not pulling a clavin.


Lulu said...

I am really impressed with what you guys have put together, bravo! I am glad everyone is having such a great time with it. It seems like there is definitely an audience for this in Fresno. Keep on keeping on.

Adam said...

I forgot how brilliant Cheers could be some times.