Monday, February 08, 2010

band reunion at a wedding

i still force myself to watch snl. i dvr it, and watch it when i have time. sunday evening, after the superbowl, i decided i'd check out this week's episode with ashton kutcher. there were a few decent moments, but overall i thought the episode was weak, as usual. as i was fast forwarding through one of the last commercial breaks i noticed there was only a few minutes left, figured the show was about over and stopped the episode. i deleted it, as usual, and went about my evening.

i missed the best skit. fortunately, my good friend teh internets had the video and i watched it tonight. awesome.

fred armison, you hard core god.


Adam said...

Yeah, I watched it yesterday on my Hulu queue and by far that was the best skit.

Famous said...

I totally feel like this might be me in 25 years.