Monday, February 08, 2010


i don't advise that you drop one of these on your foot:

monday at track practice i was fixing one of our men's hammers. the swivel was smashed and i was replacing it with a new one. i set down the hammer ball on a bleacher bench and looked up to talk to one of my athletes. it's not smart to set a 16 lb. round weight on a less than flat surface.

before i knew it, the hammer had rolled off the bench, fallen about two feet and smashed down on my foot. the majority of the weight slammed right on the joint where my big toe meets my foot. big pain real quick. throbbing to come. now, stiffness and dull pain. hopefully lesson learned.

this also sucks because for the majority of many practices i'm on my feet. about an hour and a half after crushing my foot i was helping an athlete with shot put and was demonstrating some technique. a small little hop into position and ouch, yep, foot's still hurting idiot.

fortunately, it doesn't seem like i did any real damage to my foot. it's maybe a little swollen, but not a lot of pain to the touch. i'll be alright!


The Jay said...

ha ha, that sucks!

Carrie said...

Vicodin! Get vicodin!