Friday, February 05, 2010

rotary storyland/playland membership

so, as a lifelong fresnan, i grew up going to storyland. loved the jack & the beanstalk slide, the animals in exhibits, and the whole experience. i continued to love it in recent history as well. i don't remember ever going to playland, but i would imagine that i did. in the last few years i've really come to love going to playland and riding the rides, even if i am terrified of one of them. to me, a day where i go to the zoo for a bit and then hit some rides at storyland is an excellent way to spend my day.

a few years ago, a guy i knew through seminary and other things, barry falke, took over as the head of rotary storyland/playland. as far as i can tell, he's done a great job improving the places, and really pushed to get fresno to see and use this great, local attraction. and, even the pricing has come together in a way that excites me.

check this out:
"It's almost time for the Parks to open! Saturday, Feb. 13 will opening day for the 2010 Season.

Because of your connection to Storyland & Playland, we want to invite you to utilize a special offer on our 2010 Fantasy Membership!

Our Fantasy Membership includes:

* Unlimited Rides at Playland
* Entrance into Storyland
* 15% off at concessions
* $2.00 off an adult entrance into the Chaffee Zoo
* $1.00 off a child entrance into the Chaffee Zoo
* Members only Movie & Ice Cream Social at Storyland
* $25.00 off any birthday party package

We know money is tight these days, and we want Storyland & Playland to be your affordable family entertainment. The special 2010 Fantasy Memberships are available at a special discount off our already affordable rates for a limited time. Prices for our 2010 Fantasy Membership are:

Family of 4: $125.00 Family of 4 with special offer: Just $99.00
Family of 5: $145.00 Family of 5 with special offer: Just $119.00
Family of 6: $165.00 Family of 6 with special offer: Just $139.00

This special offer on our 2010 Fantasy Memberships will only be available until Feb. 12, 2010. To take advantage of this amazing discount, simply click the purchase now button below, and enter the coupon code: promo2010."

i asked a few questions via facebook about the offer, like, what about families of 2 or 3? the demand hadn't been there previously, but they were willing to work things out, which is totally cool, imho. i also asked what defined family, and basically the two main (adult) members have to be members of the same household. the other two, well that's up in the air.

so, guess who bought a family of 4 pack. that's right, this guy. i know we've got nephews and a niece, plus a whole gaggle of friends and family that will be enjoying this package with us. i almost wish i had bought the family of 5 pack.


Carrie said...

Can I be one of your kids? I used to go there when I was little too, and have always loved the zoo, and have very fond memories of it. I'd love to go back and take a trip down nostalgia lane!

edluv said...

yes you can. that's why i bought the 4 pack. although, i goofed up and didn't use the promo code, so they're going to refund my initial purchase and i think i'm going to up it to the 5 pack.

edluv said...

family of 5 it is

Adam said...

Wooo, I might have to check my holdings to see if a 4 pack is in my future.

Samantha said...

This makes me wish I still lived in Fresno.