Tuesday, August 03, 2010

weekly preview

man, i just realized that it was art hop & post art hop this week. rademacher has been playing a residency down in l.a., so i'm imagining they'll be sorta polished & ready. not sure who's playing with them, but we'll see.

i think i'll be out art hopping this month. there is at least one show i want to see - there's some cool looking stuff at the k-jewel gallery.

before thursday, well, it's pub quiz on wednesday. big jackpot this week, and i think 1/5 odds of winning it. last week we had our highest attended week with 120 players & 25 teams. i would be it will be similar this week. i advise people to show up early to get a seat.

after thursday, well who know what the week will bring. hopefully the weather will be nice (i've been out of town the last two weekends, and the weather @ both locales was awesome. don't do me wrong, fresno.)

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