Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bigger job than i thought

yesterday i wrote a haiku about going to remove a stump from my back yard. i had success removing a small set of roots a while back in july, and thought this may be another small remnant of a tree. damn if i wasn't wrong.

i started digging around 1 pm and it consumed my afternoon. i began digging where some tree sprouts were coming up and quickly saw that it was bigger than i had initially thought. so i uncovered more. and more. and more. here's where i am now:

yeah, i've uncovered a massive stump with thick roots. the remaining base of the tree that was is about three feet across. no lie. it's big. so, now i've got to figure out if i'm going to bring in a pro to pull this thing out, or try to see if it can get it out myself. i'm not exactly sure how deep the roots go, but i think when whatever happens, i'm going to have a deep hole in my backyard that needs to be filled.

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