Monday, August 16, 2010

fresno urban sound experience kickstart

the fresno urban sound experience (fuse 2010) is back again. last year we had a great time downtown, and we froze our butts off on the spiral garage seeing the sleepover disaster. if you want to see a list of confirmed artists for this year, you can click over to the fresnan, and watch for updates there as well.

anyway, they're raising ca$h for this year's festival and thought i'd share that with you (as if you didn't know that already). if you donate, creative fresno will share some goodies with you, depending on donation level. pretty cool stuff, and you're helping the festival come together.

on top of that, local newshound mike oz is doing funny stuff for donors. pretty cool, eh?

so, you can give some $ to help fund a great festival, which is good. then, you get some swag from creative fresno, double good. add in mike oz's bonus, triple goodness for everyone.

i say you do it. even if it's only a small donation - every cent is needed (and it's tax deductible).

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