Friday, August 20, 2010

argyle pimps at the starline

tonight could be a very good time. you see, the argyle pimps are playing a show. i'll admit, i think i've only seen them play once, which is sorta surprising for a fairly well established fresno band. i enjoy their music, have their album, but just never really saw them play. along with the pimps will be fresno's latest buzz band, fierce creatures. i saw part of a creatures show, but wasn't in the mood for it so i didn't stay for the whole set. but, i also have their ep release and it is rather good.

another reason why this show could be intriguing is that starline is no longer 18 & over. that could cut down on the annoying kid factor. hey, i'm 34, i admit that i think of shows in a different way than when i was 18, 19 or 20. sure, it's unfortunate that there are less venues when younger patrons can go, but that also means there will be less people clogging up the bar, ordering soda or water, or taking up seats. and since there will be less people there, i'm a little more inclined to be there and show some support.

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Jay Parks said...

Argyle Pimps always put on a good show!