Friday, July 09, 2010

this weekend

this isn't an exhaustive list, but here are some of the things i'll be doing this weekend:


i love rademacher. i love el olio wolof. that alone was probably enough to get me to this show, but i'm also quite curious about admiral radley. they're a combo of earlimart and grandaddy, two bands i enjoy. and, i'm also excited to see a show at the star palace. this is another love the captive show, and i'm happy to help them get more music here in fresno.


the world cup finale. i'll be cheering for the netherlands. really, i've already gotten out my orange scarf. i don't care that it says fresno pacific on it, and that it'll be around 100 degrees in fresno during the game, i'll be sporting an orange shirt and have my orange scarf on. it's likely i'll watch the game at bobby salazar's, as it's been a good spot to watch the cup with other people.

hopefully you'll be able to join me for something this weekend, even if it isn't one of these activities. or, just do something fun yourself and tell me about it.

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Adam said...

Hey, me too!