Friday, July 09, 2010

target trip

i needed some things from the local target, so i drove on over. on my way, i saw this guy sitting on the corner.

i couldn't tell if he's seeking change or what not, because his cardboard sign has a picture of cactus and other stuff on it. no words, and he was also sitting on a corner where it would be extremely difficult to actually give him change. so, i thought it was odd that a guy was sitting on a corner, under an umbrella, drinking a beer (sitting on the curb in the pic), with a sign that has cactus on it.

at target, it took me a while to find things, but the guy was still there on my return trip. but before that, i saw this:

the target cash registers are a real pos! for those that have never used the expression, pos is a piece of isht. i'm sure in their case it's point of sale, but it cracked me up and i thought i'd take a picture.

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