Thursday, July 01, 2010

dust in the wind

you may not realize this, but there are a lot of trucks that carry sand or gravel on hwy 41. seriously, at most points of the day you've got a strong chance of encountering one of these trucks as their rolling down the road. this isn't necessarily a bad thing for most people.

myself, it's a bit of a pain in the...face. you see, i first noticed the number of trucks once i started riding a motorcycle and wearing an open faced helmet. most of the time i enjoy the wind on my face, but when there's a gravel truck anywhere within a mile in front of you it can be a whole load of suck. the trucks keep in the rocks and gravel, but sand does tend to blow out. not large amounts, but just enough. and when this little bits of sand whip into your face at 65+ mph it can really sting. so, i'll be riding along and all of a sudden i'll feel the little pings of sand. then, i do a little 2 step move of cover my face with my left hand and start scanning for the truck. basically, i want to see how far ahead of me it is and if i can manage to get around it.

i guess this is a small penalty to be cool as hell on my motorcycle.


Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

We have lots of logging trucks around here. They often have rocks, or chunks of wood that fly off them. Our state actually requires car insurance companies to cover one free windshield replacement/ fill-in per year. I think both Scott and I have used ours every year.

I've never thought about a motorcycle being behind one of those trucks. That would suck.

edluv said...

wow, that's cool that they cover a windshield. i'm not sure if it's still this way, but i remember when i worked at a tractor place someone called and said a rock fell off one of our trucks and cracked their windshield. they were s.o.l. because it was considered an "act of God."