Thursday, July 08, 2010

patience for lunch

i'm a fairly patient guy. and, maybe it pays off sometimes. today, i went to me n ed's after picking up some coffee beans at cafe corazon. the lunch special is quick and cheap and is a decent size lunch.

except it's not quick when the people making the pizza get confused about orders being taken and orders about to go out. i happened to order a personal all meat just as one was coming out. i didn't get that one, as it wasn't mine.

thirty minutes later i decided to see what was up. yep, didn't make it. more waiting in my future. fortunately, they offered to upsize it and give me
my money back. i told them not to worry about the money back.

so, i'm still hungry, but i'll have leftovers.


m.wise said...

and that was nice of you to not take them up on the money back. another example of why you are my hero.

edluv said...

yeah, i thought about getting my $ back for a sec, but i thought, i'm getting hooked up with a large, i've had 2 cups of soda, i already paid for pizza, oh well.

i'm glad they hooked me up without me even saying anything other than asking about my order. i think that's part of why i turned down the $. if they would've just said sorry, it'll be out soon, i would have been hella pissed, but still just waited. but since he said 'let me give you a large and your money back,' the money didn't seem like that big of a deal.

honestly, i was goofing around on my phone for like twenty minutes and hadn't really noticed that it had been twenty minutes.