Friday, July 02, 2010

post arthop show 7/1/10 review

i was too lazy to actually get out and go art hoppin', but i'm always down for the post arthop show. on last night's bill was badandy, ibid, and rademacher.

badandy, who is the bass player for wheels of fortune, had a full band with him, loosely called the badandy's, but they also joked about looking for a new name during their set. i thought they were pretty good, and the sound reminded me quite a bit of ted leo & the pharmacists, but not in a rip off way. i didn't take any video of badandy.

ibid was second on the bill, and i was excited to see him spit rhymes. i talked to him before the show and he told me that it owuldb e a mix of old and new stuff. ibid hadn't performed in like two years, and he was feeling nervous and rusty. as they sound checked, i was also very happy to see destructo bunny on the turntables. i've always thought they worked well together, and they did last night.

here's some vid from last night from ibid:

and this brings us to rademacher. they continue to be on point, and i hope their month long residency in l.a., along with their other shows, help to push them to the next level.

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