Sunday, June 20, 2010

fresno musical renaissance

it may not be totally true, but it feels like fresno is exploding with music. i've said it before, there are a lot of great fresno bands, and more keep coming up. and now, we've got a good local show "facilitator" in love the captive. sure, there have been and are other local promoters, but these guys are bringing in touring bands and matching them with local talent. (you can hear johnny q from love the captive on our most recent podcast.)

add to those two factors new venues - frank's place & the captive. the star palace & warnor's were already around, but they're seeing new life, but frank's place sounds like it's going to be a jewel of a venue. we'll see, and soon. i know i'm planning on being there on july 10 to see admiral radley with rademacher and el olio wolof.

it's looking good fresno. and it seems like it's going to get better.

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