Wednesday, June 23, 2010

let's go USMNT

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holy cow, so ecstatic that the usmnt has not only moved on, but won their group in amazing fashion. really, it doesn't get much more suspenseful than winning the group in stoppage time. i mean, we won our qualifying group on a stoppage goal, and now this? call 'em the cardiac kids.

great goal by landon donovan. it's too bad dempsey's goal was disallowed, but i'm glad we managed to eek through.

something to mention: we've been working on an american outlaws chapter here in fresno. if you've watched any of the u.s. games you've probably seen the outlaws featured heavily in the crowd - they're the crazy fans with flag bandannas and what not. most of the crowd shots from bars in the u.s. have been american outlaw bars, with tons of outlaws on camera. currently, we've got a handful of members, but we need more. in fact, we need at least 25 members signed up with us (+ a supporters bar but we're pretty sure we've got that worked out) to be an official chapter. we've got 5 so far. so, what am i asking? well, i'm asking you to join the american outlaws if you live in the fresno area. it's only $15 a year and you get an official t-shirt + u.s. flag bandanna. and, you'll have friends nationwide cheering along with you as well as a group here in fresno. if you're an outlaw member they also have discount rates on flights to u.s. games, on sales of gear online, and more. seriously, it's not a bad deal at all if you like soccer and follow the u.s. team.

so, enjoy the rest of the cup. if you can, join the american outlaws and come watch a game with us.

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