Sunday, June 27, 2010

weekend musings

what a nice weekend. me, i went out of town with almost my entire crew. we booked a cabin up near shaver lake which was spacious, had two great decks and worked out great. really great. we had a fun time each day, and each day brought something different.

having said that, and still being fully satisfied and impressed with my weekend, i know i missed out on a lot of cool stuff in fresno. i know love the captive got it's shows underway down at frank's place with two good looking events on friday and saturday. i'm excited for the first show that i can attend down there.

i know i also missed the closing party for ashtree studios. ashtree's been a great piece of the fresno visual art (& performing arts, too) scene for years, and it's unfortunate that we're losing a spot. all the best out to aileen & tony in their future endeavors.

so, we returned to fresno and guess what, it's hella hot. and you know that. and i know that. whatever, that's not news. what is news, entourage is back. heather's not a fan, but i've enjoyed the show. we'll see if this new season is better than the last, which was pretty mediocre in my opinion.

the week ahead:
-work. yep, gotta go back tomorrow. but, i'm subbing some time this week which means extra cash, which is always a plus.
-pub quiz on wednesday - this is still a very good time each week. i love running the quiz, and like the 95% of the people are having fun, too.
- post art hop show on thursday - rademacher, of course will rock the house, but i'm excited to also see ibid again. i've loved his hip hop stylings for a while now, but haven't seen him rock the mic in a while. so this will be cool. bad andy is also playing, and we'll see what that's about.

-brock lesner vs shane carwin on saturday night. this fight has a lot of buzz. lesner has plowed through the ufc heavyweight division to the title, and carwin has pretty much done the same to the a title shot. i haven't looked at the undercard, but i'm sure it'll be a good night. and, with fedor getting submitted, his claim of being the best heavyweight seems foolhardy at best, and this match could show us who the true best heavyweight in the world is.

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