Tuesday, January 03, 2012

red tails trailer scare

as i wound down for the evening with some tv, i happened to see the trailer for a movie that i want to see.  i knew that it was coming up, and had heard some interesting drama about making the movie.  what movie am i talking about? red tails.  i mean, the story of the tuskegee airmen is inspiring, amazing, and should be told.  it needs to be told.  so, yes, when i heard that it was being made i was excited.  it's got a pretty solid cast of veteran actors.  when i heard that lucasfilm was doing it, and fronting a lot of money because they were having trouble finding backing, i thought even cooler.  good story, continued slight against the people it's about, sounds worth seeing.

and then i saw this trailer on tv.  now, the version i found on youtube is a low budge recording someone did and posted.  i couldn't actually find the version i saw tonight on the official pages, but it's on tv nonetheless

what the eff.  that trailer had me seriously scared about the quality of this movie.  frankly, a trailer like that makes me think the film was a a big, stanky turd.  anachronistic much?  i get that you may spice up a commercial to grab an audience.  and, depending on what you're advertising during, it may even really grab your target.  here's the thing: i was watching the daily show.  yes, that is a "younger" audience,  but i'm thinking that people that watch the daily show and its satirical take on american culture may be looking for something with more substance in a movie.  maybe like this:

then again, maybe everyone watching the daily show is stoned and the flashing colors and synth beats is just what they need to get them to see a movie about a rarely spoken of piece of american history.


Adam said...

I don't think the trailer has much to do with the movie. It sounds like a bait and switch for dudes that like action movies. "Come see our movie. It's not that preachy. See all the explosions??"

edluv said...

totally agree. i saw the trailer on tv and was like, wtf, i thought this movie was supposed to be a good telling of their story, not some amped up, big bang action story. which is why i looked for the longer trailers, which appear to be (hopefully) closer to the real movie.

Adam said...

If you go to the Apple trailers site, the three "official" ones that are posted there all treat the film in a much different light.