Thursday, January 26, 2012

tower cafe

i loved tower dogs.  it was a sad day, for me, when it closed down.  however, i was excited to hear that something would take its place, and hoped it would be good.  that place: tower cafe.  this mainly is a review of dinner last night, but first let me throw out some details from a few stop ins i had previously had.

tower cafe, like tower dog before it, is open late.  many a time i found myself hitting up tower dog for a late night meal, and am happy that tower cafe is keeping that option available.  the have a simple hot dog, and that's cool.  but, what may be the death of me is their cheesy tots.  good gawd i love their tater tots covered in cheese sauce.  this is the perfect late night, salty post pub grub. i've also had the pulled pork sandwich and it was pretty decent.

anyway, last night the wife and i met two friends at tower cafe for some dinner.  we each ordered different items, so it was cool that we could talk about the different foods.  mike ordered the hot pastrami with fries and it looked delicious.  he said it tasted very good.  from where i was sitting, i could see the cook preparing the food, and so i got to watch him toast the bread, then melt a piece of cheese on it. the pastrami also had cheese melted on, creating layers of pastrami & cheese in the sandwich.  adam ordered the cheese burger & fries.  tower cafe does hand formed burger patties, which i think is a great idea.  they're well seasoned and adam was a fan of the burger.  heather ordered their turkey sandwich.  it was shredded turkey, which i thought was an interesting idea, as i expected sliced turkey.  the sandwich had a cranberry spread on it.  she enjoyed the sandwich well enough, but she's not a big fan of dark meat and so the mix of white & dark meat wasn't her favorite.  i ate the other half of the sandwich today and thought it tasted very good, even as cold leftovers.  all three ordered the regular fries, and i had a few as well, and they were tasty.  me, i went with the spicy cheeseburger.  i'm not sure what sort of spicy spread they put on the burger, but it was great.  very flavorful and spicy, but not too hot.  combined with a pepper jack cheese it tasted great.  i had the curly fries w/cheese sauce (they were out of tots - sad face) and dug them.  they would have been good even without the cheese.

the decor of the place is simple and clean. the staff was very friendly.  the food, all prepared after ordering came up quickly.

overall, we had a good time, and enjoyed our meals.  i definitely be back, and not just for the late night cheesy tots.


cofuzz said...

Sounds like you'll accept any combination of potatoes au gratin...

edluv said...

i can't lie, i enjoy the combination of cheese & potatoes in many forms.